Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I'm here, standing hollow.

Tie Dye Dress - c/o AX Paris
Faux Leather Biker - c/o Sheinside
Wool Hat - Topshop
Necklace - c/o Romwe
Platfrom Boots - Office

If I wear tie dye in February, will that make it feel a bit more like summer...? 
I swear it's actually getting colder again, ugh.
That aside, I love how the necklace and dress go together, so that makes it all worthwhile!

(Also, The Book of Mormon was amazing, I thoroughly recommend it, I actually got to the point where I'd been laughing so much that it hurt the muscles in my face to stop laughing, and I sttill can't stop  singing the songs to myself. However, on top of that, Matt and Trey came on stage  before the show started to tell us that we were all 'fucking crazy' for queuing for hours for tickets, so my night could have ended there and it still would have been fucking amazing.)
Hope you're all having a lovely week so far! Love xx

Monday, 25 February 2013

Shiny shiny.

DIY studded jacket and spiked cross - c/o Romwe
Cut Out Metallic Bralet - c/o Lashes of London
Star Jeans - Motel via Topshop Sale
Freda Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

This is something I wore when it was sunny the other weekend... sadly it is now nearing 0 degrees and I'm about to spend the rest of the day outdoors queuing for good seats at the Book of Mormon preview.. I'm wearing SO MANY LAYERS. However, I can't wait to see it, I've been excited about it for longer than I care to remember! Have any of you guys seen it, or are you going to see it? (For those of you who aren't sure, it's a musical written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker (South Park/ Team America/ Orgazmo guys!) ^.^)
Lots of love!xx

Sunday, 24 February 2013


Jumper - c/o Romwe
Faux Leather Skirt - c/o Romwe
Backpack & Earrings - c/o Romwe
Overknees - American Apparel
Underground Leopard Creeper Wedge - Office Sale

Just a quick one from me today- here's another example of the awesomeness that I picked up in the Office sale- I'd been lusting after them for so long, so when I saw they were down to £45 from £110, I had to swoop in and get them! Excuse the side ponytail as well- it's my go-to hairstyle when my hair won't sit right, as I'm pretty much  incapable of tying it in the centre...
Anyway, hope you've all had a lovely weekend! Love xx

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Spun Gold.

Gold Open Weave Jumper - c/o Sheinside 
Bitching And Junkfood Roxy Shorts - c/o MarketHQ 
Knitted Overknees - American Apparel 
Platform Boot Things - Office Sale 
Velvet Scrunchie - Had it for years!  

Included in my 'branching out my wardrobe to include things that aren't black' movement, are metallics. Metallics are something that I've always shied away from, unless you count the shimmer of velvet and sequins. Occasionally these days I'll pick up something with a metallic brocade pattern, but I'll wear them once or twice and then regret buying them as I don't really have anything to go with them (current lesson I need to learn- 'only buy items if you know you have something to go with them'. I am currently running out of wardrobe space and this is the main reason why D: ), so I thought I'd never be able to crack metallics. Until I found this jumper, that is. As the gold is interwoven with the black, it makes for a nice stepping stone to metallics, and as you know, anything that is slightly sheer is a winner with me! And it goes with all my black stuff, aha (;, so yeah, I'm getting a lot of wear out of it ^.^.

I ordered theses shoes from the office sale a few months ago- I didn't expect much, because they were only about £20 (I mean, bearing in mind how much shoes can be), but fuck, they're awesome. I've worn them so much (you guys are only just seeing them now due to a lack of blogging on my behalf!) and they're so comfy that you can wear them day and night (they have extra padding around the ankles as well, which is nice ^.^). Although they're now sold out, I would recommend that you check out the Office Sale page, as they're constantly updating it, and there are always some beautiful bargains in there (including marked down Jeffrey Campbells!). It's one I always keep my eye on, as the markdowns are always amazing- I think these boots were down from £55 to £20, and my heeled boots with the buckles across were down from £75 to £20, and they're the most comfortable heels I own! So yeah,  the sale is definitely worth keeping tabs on :)

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far! Love xx

Monday, 18 February 2013

February Sun.

Waxed Denim Pinafore Dress - Miss Selfridge 
Mesh Panel Top  - c/o Sylvia & Luka 
Rolled Down White Socks - American Apparel 
When Boots- c/o TBA 
Rings - Not sure, I got them ages ago! 

As to be expected with English weather, it is all over the place. After a week of typical February weather (rain, sleet, some snow and hideous winds), the sun is now out, and it's not even that cold (yesterday  I went out without a jacket, and had to take my jumper off while I was out D:), so I've finally got the opportunity to wear some of the more summery clothes I've got recently! Let's just hope it keeps up- I'm pretty fed up of winter now!
Hope you all had a good Monday (ergh Monday)! Love!xx

Saturday, 16 February 2013


Lace Collar - Valentines Present (though I believe it came from Etsy somewhere..?) 
Drapey Mesh Top - c/o The Quiet Riot
Disco Shorts - American Apparel
Opaque Top Stockings - idk D:
Garter Leggings - c/o ShopAKIRA
Dark Side Boots - Office

Okay, so I know there's only a couple of photos here... but now let me tell you for why. As you know, since Ella's got a twisted ankle, I'm doing my pictures with the tripod and timer at the moment, and trying to find somewhere with not too many cars about so I don't  have to collect my tripod and jog out the way (usually in quite an ungainly fashion). Anyway, there's a bit of land off the back of the car park, next to the local conservative club (I assume it's similar to a working mens' club? Not too familiar with the concept, so if anyone knows!), and today I noticed that the gate to it was open, so I figured I'd do them in there, I'd only be there five minutes so it'd be fine!
As I was setting up the tripod, one of the men from inside came out to ask what I was doing, so I told him, and he let me carry on.. however, he went back inside and alerted everyone in the conservatory smoking area to my presence. I spent the rest of my time trying to get photos whilst all these blokes stared at me through the glass, smoking, and occasionally waving (and also opening the door occasionally to ask if I wanted a hand, or someone to be in the picture with me..). Each time I turned around they were still there, aha, so I just got a bit embarrassed and headed back inside pretty sharpish, aha.
I'm slowly got used to the funny looks etc. that you get from people when you do outfit photos, but yeah, I wasn't really up for the constant staring.. maybe I just need to, ahem, 'man up' (for want of a better phrase) a bit... How do you guys manage with taking outfit shots in public?

Anyway, I promise better, more detailed and more interesting photos (less outfit posts too? Or different things to break up the outfit posts? If you have any ideas/opinions, I'd love to know!)

But anyway, outfit-wise, these are actually some of my favourites at the moment. I've had this drapey top for years, but I always end up going back to it because it's so versatile- it's perfect over leggings, but also looks great with the under-top tucked into a top or shorts... and it's black mesh, so I'm sold at that fact! I'd been dying for a pair of leggings like this for a while, and I'm so happy with them- my favourite way to style them at the moment is with something underneath- patterned leggings work beautifully (I think I need more colourful ones for this!), or these stockings, to make a two-tone effect in the gap ^.^.

I hope you're all having (and continue to have) a lovely weekend! Love xx

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


When Boots - TBA

Ah, shoes. I don't know if you guys have noticed yet, but I loooooove shoes (you have to imagine that I'm saying it in the same way Roger from American Dad speaks of his fondness for disguises). It's odd, in a way, as about four years ago I really wasn't bothered by them- I was quite content to stomp around in my Dr. Martens, only putting on my solitary pair of heels for very special occasions. However, somewhere between then and now  my collection has grown exponentially, and I can't see that trend slowing any time soon, due to the fact that I live with a fellow shoe addict (Ella has some of the most beautiful shoes ever, ugh, shoe envy.). Well, it obviously won't continue exponentially  as I'd run out of money VERY quickly (that said, I don't think I've ever bought a full price pair of shoes, which is something I'm quite proud of)... but I like shoes, and I don't see my obsession waning any time soon (I should probably make a 'shoe fund' moneybox... does anyone have one of these?)

Anyway, I'd like to introduce you guys to one of my favourite shoe brands of the moment- TBA (or To Be Announced). I'd been lusting after their stuff on Solestruck for ages- they have so many beautiful shoes, from spiked heeled ankle boots to chunky-soled brogues (which come in a gorgeous petrol style finish), but these boots always caught my eye for some reason, maybe because I'm a sucker for anything with buckles. Anyhow, one day I open my emails and almost fell out of chair in shock (well, I was sat on the sofa, it would have been more of a slide off, but I don't think 'I slid off the sofa in shock' is as popular a phrase). Sitting there, amongst all the newsletters and updates (I'm subscribed to pretty much everything, these things take over my inbox a bit, ha) was an email from TBA asking is I'd want to try out a pair of their shoes... so after a bit of squealing and being generally over-excited I emailed them straight back! 
Wah, I feel so so lucky to have them! Massive, massive thank you to TBA again! You guys are amazing ♥. I'm so impressed with them as well- they are definitely some of the best quality shoes that I've ever owned- the leather is soft, yet sturdy around the toe and heel of the shoe, the stitching is beautiful and the fastenings feel like they'd be tough ^.^. My only complaint (and this may not apply to everyone), is that the top strap is a little too loose for me around the ankle. However, I'm pretty sure this is because I have the most stupidly twig-like ankles ever, and struggle to find an ankle strap that will actually fit me without me having to mess with it! So yeah, this is nothing a bit of adjusting the top strap can't fix, so I'm over the moon with them, they're so much more perfect than I ever could have imagined :3 Yay, shoe happiness!

Do any of you guys have a favourite pair off shoes at the moment? I'd love to know!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Fox Jumper.

Fox Jumper - The Orphan's Arms
Pleated Faux Leather Skirt - Olive Clothing
Creepers - Underground via eBay
Backpack - Romwe

Slight change in setting for my photos today- it's just  round the corner from where we usually take pictures. The reason for this is that Ella's sprained her ankle, poor thing, so she's on crutches, and can't do outfit posts or take pictures, so I'm setting up with the tripod and timer for a bit. We tend to take our pictures in the car park outside the door to our block of flats, but it's much quicker to two people to get out of the way of an incoming car than for me to awkwardly run towards the car to grab the tripod and then get out of the way (it also brings on some odd looks from the drivers as I start heading towards them aha), so I've moved to quieter spot for the time being ^.^.
Anyway, hope you guys are having a lovely week, and hopefully it's a bit more relaxing than mine, I've got a uni deadline on Friday that I'm a little behind on, due to being ill, so I'm rushing around like a mad woman D: Lots of love!xx

Monday, 4 February 2013

Birthday Outfit.

Sequined Dress - Choies
Lace Up Booties - Choies
Baroque Cross Earrings - Regal Rose

Hi guys, hope you allhad a lovely weekend! :3 I've been back at home to see my family and have a lovely birthday meal, so I'm dead happy ^.^. So basically, this is what I wore for the meal- my mum often complains about the amount of black that I wear, so I thought I'd go all out with a sparkly green dress for a bit of a change, aha. I also went for lower heels than usual- just because sometimes it's nice not to be the joint tallest of the family, along with my brother ^.^.
I've been after a pair of decorative cross earrings for a while now, and I'd searched and searched, but I'd never seen that perfect pair, so had pretty much given up.. until I came across these by chance on Regal Rose! I'm utterly in love with them, they're really solid (I spend so much on earrings because I always end up breaking them somehow?!), and the perfect size- not too over the top, most of the ornamental style crosses are big enough to rest on my shoulder! ...That said, after being so impressed with these, I am pretty tempted by the oversize ones they have too, so maybe they shall have to join my 'to buy' list (it's a lengthy list D: ).