Friday, 22 March 2013

Daisies (Giveaway!).

Jacket - ebay
Plaid Shirt* - Sheinside
Daisy Tits Crop Top* - Redrock
Red Acid Wash Shorts* - Boohoo
Boots - Office

So when I woke up yesterday to sun streaming in through my window, I got dressed incredibly optimistically. Hey, this time last year, we were in the middle of a heatwave that made March feel like mid June, it was possible that I could wear more summery clothes. 
...key words from this paragraph are 'optimistic' and 'possible'.

It wasn't that bad in the morning, and I managed to get a picture of my outfit without freezing to death, though there was a bit of an icy wind, as you may be able to tell from the state of my hair! However, when I popped out briefly at about three o'clock, it was cold enough to take your breath away D:. Luckily, I got to spend pretty much all day indoors as I was looking after my nephews, and I also got to meet my brand new niece in the evening :3 (squeeee, she's so little!), so I managed okay-ish in my summery outfit!

Sadly today is not so great, constant howling winds and snow are just making me want to curl up and hide inside D:

If you fancy winning yourself a top like the one I'm wearing in this post- check out the giveaway on my facebook page, where you can do just that! :3

(Excuse the constant flamingo poses, no idea what happened there, it was probably an attempt to keep warm through the wind!)
Lots of love!xx


  1. Love that top! And well done for managing to get out in this awful weather haha xx

  2. I was about to say at first glance, weren't you freezing haha then I read the post! This outfit is super rad and makes me wish it was summer even more.

  3. That top is so cute!

  4. You look great I live redrock great choice in the tee :)

  5. love love love this outfit!!! you look amazing and gorgeous! Love that top so cuteee your hair looks amazing!!! Love the top super cute

    Hayley xx

  6. Aw gorgeous photos! I'm exactly the same i always dress for the better weather and realise its too cold haha! Love that tshirt too! x

  7. Love the redrock daisy tits tee!
    I have those boots too, they are sooo lush but I've found that they have worn down tons! So gutted that they aren't around any more to buy a new pair!

    Samma x

  8. This outfit makes me want summer now. I love the crop top!

  9. awesome outfit :) love the shoes!


  10. I found you on lookbook and also very love about your style!
    Following you now <3

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  11. LOVE this tee!

    PLease follow our new blog

    Amy & Naomi x

  12. Oh I love your attire. And your hair color rocks it more! :D

    xoxo, Ai Ming

  13. You look lovely, the tee is fab but you must have been freezing! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog