Wednesday, 13 February 2013


When Boots - TBA

Ah, shoes. I don't know if you guys have noticed yet, but I loooooove shoes (you have to imagine that I'm saying it in the same way Roger from American Dad speaks of his fondness for disguises). It's odd, in a way, as about four years ago I really wasn't bothered by them- I was quite content to stomp around in my Dr. Martens, only putting on my solitary pair of heels for very special occasions. However, somewhere between then and now  my collection has grown exponentially, and I can't see that trend slowing any time soon, due to the fact that I live with a fellow shoe addict (Ella has some of the most beautiful shoes ever, ugh, shoe envy.). Well, it obviously won't continue exponentially  as I'd run out of money VERY quickly (that said, I don't think I've ever bought a full price pair of shoes, which is something I'm quite proud of)... but I like shoes, and I don't see my obsession waning any time soon (I should probably make a 'shoe fund' moneybox... does anyone have one of these?)

Anyway, I'd like to introduce you guys to one of my favourite shoe brands of the moment- TBA (or To Be Announced). I'd been lusting after their stuff on Solestruck for ages- they have so many beautiful shoes, from spiked heeled ankle boots to chunky-soled brogues (which come in a gorgeous petrol style finish), but these boots always caught my eye for some reason, maybe because I'm a sucker for anything with buckles. Anyhow, one day I open my emails and almost fell out of chair in shock (well, I was sat on the sofa, it would have been more of a slide off, but I don't think 'I slid off the sofa in shock' is as popular a phrase). Sitting there, amongst all the newsletters and updates (I'm subscribed to pretty much everything, these things take over my inbox a bit, ha) was an email from TBA asking is I'd want to try out a pair of their shoes... so after a bit of squealing and being generally over-excited I emailed them straight back! 
Wah, I feel so so lucky to have them! Massive, massive thank you to TBA again! You guys are amazing ♥. I'm so impressed with them as well- they are definitely some of the best quality shoes that I've ever owned- the leather is soft, yet sturdy around the toe and heel of the shoe, the stitching is beautiful and the fastenings feel like they'd be tough ^.^. My only complaint (and this may not apply to everyone), is that the top strap is a little too loose for me around the ankle. However, I'm pretty sure this is because I have the most stupidly twig-like ankles ever, and struggle to find an ankle strap that will actually fit me without me having to mess with it! So yeah, this is nothing a bit of adjusting the top strap can't fix, so I'm over the moon with them, they're so much more perfect than I ever could have imagined :3 Yay, shoe happiness!

Do any of you guys have a favourite pair off shoes at the moment? I'd love to know!


  1. I absolute love the new rock neptuno boots with 40 cm platform and also all demonia shoes boots

    1. Oh wowwwwww they're beaut :3 I've wanted a pair of new rock boots for so long (though maybe with not such a platform- I lack the co-ordination for that kind of height!)
      And yes, demonia make gorgeous shoes as well!

  2. amazing boots!!

  3. I have a shoe fund money box, but it currently has about £3.12 in it, haha! These are amazing, I've been looking for a nice pair of cut-out boots for ages. Think I've found them!

  4. you're a fashion blogger..obviously you like shoes a lot

  5. I too have an obsession with shoes, at the moment I am living in a pair of pixie boots with buckles on them which I actually got in Tesco ;)
    Love your blog

    Carly x

  6. I was quite content to stomp around in my Dr. Martens, only putting on my solitary pair of heels for very special occasions. tour packages new york