Thursday, 17 January 2013

I can't do the talk, like they talk on tv.

'And I can't do a love song, like the way it's meant to be.'

'Romeo & Juliet' Tank - MINKPINK via MarketHQ
Split Side Sheer Maxi - Oasap
Flower Crown - DIY
Backpack - Romwe
Moschino Belt - Charity Shop (for £3!)
JC Fredas - Jeffrey Campbell

Okay, so since this tank is called 'Romeo & Juliet', every time I wear it, or even see it in my wardrobe, I find myself singing Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits all day (/sometimes it can stick in my head for days on end). I'm not complaining though, it is one of the most beautiful songs ever, with an amazing video to match (here's the YouTube link). I mean, there is some of the best walking-in-time-to-music, fake crying, and slow motion head turning that you will ever see in that video (not to mention some of the TIGHTEST pastel pink mens trousers, and questionable dice-rolling techniques, jeez D: ). Perhaps the video does not do the song justice at all, but I kind of really love it, almost as much as the song. Anyway, if you find yourself at a loose end this evening, I definitely suggest spending five minutes having a look/listen ^.^.
Anyway, onto the actual post, and I must apologise for the lack of pictures here, but it's pretty cold outside, so I didn't fancy taking my jacket off for too long, and I didn't like the outfit as much with the jacket on! I did solve the cold leg issue with a pair of leggings and a pair of tights underneath though, so that definitely helped!
Hope you're all well and keeping warm! Love!xx


  1. your hair looks awesome! (random comment i know)

  2. That mochino belt for £3 is incredible! Your hair with the flower crown is so beautiful!


  3. Ah i love that tee! Its awesome :) gorgeous outfit!

    Hayley xx

  4. Props for you wearing a tank top in this weather, it's absolutely freezing outside! So I can totally understand the lack of pictures (I probably would've taken one and then sprinted to the blankets/hot drinks/hot water bottles trying to defrost, haha!)
    Love this outfit, can't believe that flower crown is DIY - it's amazing!


  5. You did well getting any photos outside seeing as how bloody freezing that it is outside, Your headband is so pretty and I love how it adds another dimension to the whole outfit!
    I love that song so much and I agree with you about it being a beautiful song

  6. Just come across your blog after seeing your comment on my friends blog. I hope it's not completely inappropriate to say you have a strikingly beautiful face! Sorry if it is.

    Elizabeth xx

  7. nice look!

  8. You look lovely, I usually don't like outfits as much with my jacket on either. x

  9. Really love this outfit! The flower crown adds such a nice touch!

  10. you look really nice in this outfit. <3 your long legs.

  11. I love the flower crown!

  12. I love your style

  13. I'm delighted that you wrote about that song. It's one of my favorites. The lyrics are so clever and lovely. Dire Straits is wonderful! And that video destroys me every time.

  14. love the look, especially the colour of hairband! <3

  15. I LOVE your look!
    is.... AWESOME

  16. love <3