Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Future Seems Like One Big Past

Felix Jumper - Stone Fox
Skirt - Romwe
Shirt- Spanish charity shop
Headband - Romwe
Backpack - Romwe
Jacket - eBay
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

Listening to - lots of Slipknot

First off, sorry for my slight absence over the past few days- my camera lens broke, and it was the only one I had here at uni, so I've had to get my hands on another one so I can do some posts. I have one now, so expect quite a few posts coming over the next few days (hopefully if uni work isn't too bad)!
Anyway, on to the important stuff! You may or may not know, but I love cats. Ever since I was little, they have been my favourite animals (and since the age of nine I have had a gorgeous red Persian called Charlie :3 ), because they are so intelligent, lazy (I would love to spend the majority of the day lounging around!) and just so damn cute. I also love jumpers. So to me, a cat jumper seems like a pretty awesome idea. Enter this beauty from Stone Fox, and I am happier that a cat with a cardboard box to play with (that's pretty damn happy!). It's dead cosy as well, so perfect for layering over a shirt in this colder weather.
Hope you guys are all well and are having a good week ^.^ love!x

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Casey's Song.

Sheer shirt - Sheinside
Baroque skirt - Oasap
Collar - Romwe
Moschino belt - Charity shop
Heels - SOS

Hiya, hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Just a quick one today, as I'm a bit distracted watching Jumanji! Ahh, I haven't seen this film since I was really little, so I barely remember it, but I'm about an hour in now and it's amazing!
Anyway, this skirt is another one of the gorgeous baroque influenced pieces I've picked up recently. I love voluminous skirts, and have wanted a new one for a while, so when I saw this one on Oasap, I knew that I needed it! It's amazing, although I would say that if you're considering it, size up, as I found it to be a bit of a squeeze!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

If you go, I will surely die.

Baroque coat - Choies
Headband - DIY
Earrings - Topshop
Mary janes - SOS

Ah, I've been in love with Dolce and Gabbana's f/w 2012 collection ever since I first saw it way back in February, so when I saw this gorgeous coat on Choies, I knew I needed it to be my winter coat. It definitely does not disappoint- the embroidery is incredible, and it's also pretty cosy, so it's perfect for throwing over outfits for a family meal or any kind of event where you need to 'dress to impress' (ergh, I hate that phrase, -shudder-). After ordering the coat, I set about making a D&G inspired headband to go with it. I just sewed pearl beads, little metal roses, and gold leaves to a black velvet headband- it was very time-consuming, and I stabbed myself with the needle multiple times, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! Then, as the whole baroque style is incredibly decadent, I heaped on the eye make up and contouring to create a dramatic effect (though I think this trend also looks incredible with very little eye make up and a bright red or deep berry lip!).
Oh, and I just thought I'd tell you that I included the third picture here for pretty much one reason- just because I think that the pose sort of looks like the kind of pose that a gym leader in Pokemon does when you challenge them. 
...I think I've been playing too much Pokemon, and am seeing things that are not there.
...I am not sorry.^.^'

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sleeping Sickness.

Drapey top - Romwe
Velvet leggings - Romwe 
Biker jacket - eBay
Boots - Office 

Hi everyone :3 hope you're all well! Here's an outfit that I've been wearing quite a bit recently, it's dead comfy, and easy to just throw on and head out. I love these leggings, the pattern the velvet parts make is so gorgeous, and every time I take a step the green velvet flashes in the light, which makes me feel a bit festive ^.^ (I'm a big kid when it comes to Christmas, so I'm already feeling a little excited!). I ended up sat on the floor so the light would hit the leggings so you could see the pattern properly... I probably looked pretty ridiculous sat on the floor of the car park of my flat, but the leggings are so pretty that it was definitely worth it! Romwe have them in a few other colours as well, so quite I'm tempted to get them too, ehe. I got the boots last week in the Office sale- they were down from £75 to £25 so I really couldn't resist. I'm trying to justify buying them by wearing them constantly now, which is actually working out pretty well, since they're easily the most comfortable heels that I have, and they go with so much! Expect to see them feature quite heavily in my outfits from now on, aha :3.
Oh, and I just thought I'd let you know that Romwe's Black Friday Sale (which starts tomorrow!). You can get up to 70% off from the 21st to the 26th of November :3. You can click on the banner below to take you through to the sale. Happy shopping!


Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Reckoning, The Sickening.

Dress - Bitching and Junkfood
Backpack - Romwe
Beanie - Topshop
Hold ups - American Apparel
Triple creepers - Underground

Hi guys :3 hope you've all had a great weekend! Here's my outfit from today ^.^ I've wanted an oversized dress like this for ages, but I was always scared because my wardrobe consists of about 85% fitted clothes... But then this dress came along, and I fell in love with it immediately. It has the perfect shape- there's so much fabric around the high waistband that it flares out gorgeously, without the fabric ballooning out (if that makes sense!). I paired it with a faux leather cuff, some white overknees and a beanie to keep me warm (and I had my big leather jacket on too!), but other than that I didn't want to add too much to the dress, as it makes such a statement on its own. The dress is pretty short though, so I stuck some little black shorts on underneath, just to be on the safe side (it could just be short because I'm so tall though!) ^.^. Oh, and I've included a rare picture of me kind of smiling aha, Jay always gets me to smile when he takes my pictures, but I never use them aha... Anyway, here you go! Aha :3

Friday, 16 November 2012

AX Paris Guest Blogging.

Cut-out dress - AX Paris
Bomber jacket - Cow Vintage
Faux croc skin bag - Christmas present from last year
Fredas - Jeffrey Campbell

Hi everyone ^.^. This is just going to be a short one from me today, as my full blog post (more pictures and a review of the dress) for this outfit, as well as quick Q&A is over on the AX Paris blog, which you can find here. They approached me to be one of their guest bloggers for the next three months, which I'm so excited about, but since this is the first time that I've ever done anything like this (and I'm pretty new to blogging in general!) it'd be awesome if you guys could check it out and let me know what you think please (back on this blog because they don't publish their comments so I won't see them!).
Hope you guys like it! 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Waste a Moment.


Printed dress - emilyk
Chestknife harness - OS Accessories
Freda boots - Jeffrey Campbell

Currently listening to - everything by Fightstar ever.

Hi guys, hope you're all well ^.^. First off today I need to apologise for being so absent from blogging for the past few days- my laptop has a virus, so I can't use it (every single action takes about ten minutes to load, and I'd probably end up ripping my hair out before I'd actually manage to achieve anything) so I'm using Ella's right now (what a babe), sigh, hopefully I'll sort everything out soon though!
Anyway, on to the clothes! This gorgeous dress is from emilyk- she's got some awesome f/w pieces in at the moment, you should definitely check her out! It's is so flattering, the print draws the eye in at the waist, so it creates a classic hourglass silhouette. The harness is another one of my OS pieces, and it's probably my favourite as I can put it with so many outifits (it looks anazing with a buttoned up shirt!). As well as the bone-like awesomeness at the front, the chain drapes amazingly at the back ^.^

Saturday, 10 November 2012

A Shot in the Dark.

Jacket - Ebay
Black sheer shirt (under jumper!) - Sheinside
Jumper - Choies
Crushed velvet skirt - Primark
Triple creepers - Underground

Here's another one of my comfy outfits- the weather's getting colder and colder here, so I've felt the need to layer up more and more in order to keep myself at a relatively normal body temperature... Ah, the good old English weather!
I've been trying to stop myself from constantly wearing black or grey, so I added my trusty burgundy Primark velvet skirt (that I got for £3 in the sale two years ago!) to try and brighten it up a bit.. I don't know how long I'll last for though, so much of my wardrobe is black that I just buy more black things to go with it... It's a never-ending cycle D:. 
Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Polo neck top - Bitching and Junkfood
Heartwave necklace - OS Accessories
Claret skater skirt - Romwe
Triple creepers - Underground

Just a quick post with my outfit from today! I have a new-found love for polo neck tops, I think it's because I've recently been watching the one of the last series of Friends (I can't remember if it's the 9th or the 10th) where in every episode at least one of the main characters wore a polo neck top (my friend Ella calls it 'The Season with all the Turtle Necks'), and now I love them, oops. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Leather Jacket - Ebay
Dress - Choies
Combtooth Ring - OS Accessories
Heels - Shop near home

I've been listening to No Doubt for most of today, it's been awesome ^.^. Anyway, this is my fancy meal out outfit- I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it, the string detailing at the top is amazing (though it can make it a bit difficult to work out where to put your head through when you're putting it on!), and then I just used some ribbon to pull it in at the waist a little. This ring is awesome, it's made out of polyurethane to look like bone, and it looks insane! I keep absent-mindedly combing the 'teeth' through my hair- for some reason it makes me feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, aha. It's definitely one of the most individual pieces of jewellery that I have, and I like to thing that it adds a little something extra to this outfit.