Sunday, 23 December 2012


Sweater - Choies
Necklace - MarketHQ
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Booties - Oasap

Eee, I had my pre-Christmas haircut today (yay, it was long overdue, I'd only had one so far this year!), and I got my hairdresser to blow dry my hair curly for me, since I'm completely hopeless at it! I'm so happy with how it looks though, even though it's already starting to fall out- my hair is naturally poker straight, it's so boring >:(.  Anyway, seeing as my hair was all nice, I decided to take some photos! I wore this outfit to my sister's tonight- we had a quiet family meal with spaghetti bolognese and The Snowman, which is always good ^.^. This jumper is so warm, I didn't even need a jacket :| (though I haven't been outside much, but when I have I've not even noticed the cold!). I was worried about it being a bit itchy, because I had a hairy jumper like this when I was little that mum always made me wear and I just remember it being THE ITCHIEST THING D:, but it's actually dead cosy, so yay!
Anyway, I'll probably post again before Christmas, but in case I don't catch you, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, and that you all get everything you want :3
Lots of love!xxx


  1. i love this look- your jumper looks fantastic but i understand about tichy jumpers my mum made me wear one when i was little and i hated her for it
    your hair looks fantastic- to be honest i wish i had naturally straight hair

    1. Aha, thanks lovely!
      Arh, you say that, but my hair's gone completely straight already, even though I put extra hairspray on it D: I'm so jealous of anyone with a bit of movement in their hair, sigh :( wanna trade? Aha xx

  2. you are simply gorgeous <3 love the outfit

  3. your hair is amazing!!

  4. Ahh I love it, cosy jumpers are the best! It's weird I had dead straight hair until I was about 16 and had my hair cut mega short and from then on it grew wavy, weird times hehe!
    Wild Wolfy
    Sil xxxx

  5. you look amazing xx

  6. Ahh so jealous of your legs! xx

  7. Great look, simple but love the contrasting textures!

  8. Great look!Love the shoes!
    Your hair looks great!

  9. Beautiful outfit, it really makes your hair stand out.

  10. soooooooooo beautiful as usual <3

  11. I love this sweater an I actually have a similar one from H&M. Your figure is by the way just perfect!


  12. i LOVE this look. You have such an awesome look. I loooove the red hair and pale skin combo!


  13. You've got so a great style ! i' love it ! Aniway , it's been a long time i follow you on lookbook and now i have blog to so i hope you will come see my blog , an di hope you like it !

    Ps: I'm really sorry if i made any faults but i'm french so...