Friday, 21 December 2012

Bat Country.

Hat - Topshop
Velvet Dress - Choies
Belt - Mum's old one
Boots - Office Sale

Ah, I've wanted a hat like this for so long.. so glad I managed to finally get one! I was trying to describe to Ella what kind of hat I wanted when we went shopping the other day, and we ended up settling on the fact that it was a 'black Indiana Jones hat', so of course we were singing the theme tune as I tried them on... People must have thought we were a bit weird, aha D:. However, I wore that hat back home (because I'm back for Christmas now, eee!) only for my Dad to tell me that it looks more like Freddy Kruger's hat... perhaps not the look I was going for! Not that I wanted to look like Indiana Jones, but I would prefer that to Freddy Kruger... Ah, oh well!
Anyway, how're you all getting along with your Christmas shopping and so on? Hope it's going well/you're nearly done! I only have one left to  buy now, SUCCESS (almost/ kind of!).


  1. love the boots! beautiful outfit<3

  2. Love your velvet dress<333 Actually, i'm in love with all velvet things


    1. Ehe, same, I think it's turned into a bit of a velvet obsession D: xxx

  3. I love the dress. The boots also remind me of a suped-up version of the Topshop Ant boots!

  4. :O That velvet dress is GORGEOUS! I love the puff in the arm arms,very unique!
    ahaha, your Dad is funny! the hat is nice,

  5. Love the sleeves of your dress, and those boots are amaaazing!
    You look stunning as always <3

  6. oh that dress is so so perfect ! and so are you ♥

  7. When you first bought the booties, I rushed to office and nabbed myself a pair. They were such a bargain! And you're right, they are so comfy. I'm at Uni in Sheffield, and I can even cope up and down the hills in them, which is really saying something!

    I love your dress! The colour is so rich, and I like that it isn't bodycon. It's so hard to find a nice velvet dress that isn't bodycon!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas babycakes!

    Bemsy x

    1. Aha, they were so cheap weren't they?! Office have got more stuff on the sale now, wah so many more bargains!
      Argh, wow, I've been to Sheffield a few times, they are some HILLS to climb on a night out, wow D: but yay, I'm glad the shoes are comfy enough for it!

      Awh, thankyou! And yeah, I know what you mean, I've been looking for a green velvet dress for a while now, but most of the ones I've seen have been bodycon :(

      Thanks lovely, you too! Hope you get everything you want ^.^ xx

  8. Aw well i think it looks lovely and defiantly more Indiana Jones i;d say! Also love the velvet im sucker for it lately! x

  9. loving the velvet!


  10. This dress is so beautiful and I love your hair colour with it.


  11. It looks almost like you're floating :) Great hat!

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  13. gorgeous outfit! You look amazing :D

    Hayley xx