Saturday, 12 July 2014


Wool Hat - American Apparel 
Sunglasses - Topshop 
Fornever Denim Jacket - UNIF 
Harness* - Ivory Jar 
Maxi Dress* - Yayer 
Boots - Office (old)

These are just some pictures Joel took for me when we were on our lunch break. I took some pictures of him for a couple of his latest looks too - I highly recommend that you check his blog out (not for my shaky photography, mind) as his style is awesome!

I love the skirt of this maxi dress. It's so beautifully light that it floats with the gentlest breeze which makes it look incredible and it is, of course, great for twirling (if you haven't noticed, twirl-ability is one of my favourite qualities in dresses and skirts, along with being black, heheh). I toughened the delicate skirt up with this amazing Ivory Jar harness, and distressed (and sassy) UNIF jacket that I picked up fairly cheaply in the online sample sale a little while back.

I also wanted to ask - I'm finally trying to make a real attempt at healthy eating, does anyone have any tips? I'm trying plan my meals and everything but it just seems so impossible to stick to it when I know there is a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream in the freezer! Please don't get me wrong, I absolutely do not want to lose weight, it's just that a lifetime of eating crap seems to be catching up with how I feel internally (i.e. sluggish as fuck), not to mention my skin D:. So yeah, any tips at all, especially go-to snack food recommendations (I am the worst for snacking, I just sit at my desk eating all day -facepalm-) would be gratefully appreciated ^.^!